Sunday, August 17, 2008

Maybe My New Bedroom??
Well I have been trying to figure out the design of my
new bedroom. I find this to be somewhat to my liking. I love simple clean natural colors with texture. I really like having a bit of 40's glitz but not too flashy though. I love including things like pewter, glass, alabaster and antique nickel.

The only thing about this room I am not feeling are the night stands. I don't care for overly matched decor and the white color and design are not doing it for me. I think I would prefer a dark stained wood with only one drawer and open bottom to store beautiful textured throws and blankets which would help to give the room a warmer feel to it.

Also, the lamps are nice but the thick white base to quite do it for me either. Otherwise I love the round shades. I think what makes a room special are the unique elements added from your personal taste and that have been put together over a period of time. If not I think your final result will be an overly staged look. Lastly, I would have to add at least one other contrasting color to this room. I would add some elements of nature and some beautiful very light green and cream colored flowers and maybe even some other textured fabric in a very light butter cream yellow.

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