Monday, January 12, 2009

I was feeling a bit Springy!! Today the weather was quite warm for January. I was getting ready to put on my boots when I realized it was going to be a bit warm today. I could not quite find anything I wanted to wear in my closet so I went online and found some interesting ones by These beautiful shoes are of fine quality Made in Spain. Oh, and you might have to break into your piggy bank to pay for them

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's Hot 2009. It is in all the decor magazines and news reports that white is back. Many are suggesting that the situation with the economy has a lot to do with it. They are suggesting that many people are going back to basics and are not in the mood for vibrant colors. Well weather this is actually true or not it does bring an image to mind of the era of the great depresssion and the images of men, women and children wearing nothing but whites and neutrals. So, are we going to be wearing and decorating our homes this year based on how the economy is effecting us?

I would hope not. Now, I for one prefer and love neutrals but would hope these colors would not suggest that 2009 will be a depressing year for us all. I see it the other way. I see various shades of whites and neutrals are actually a beautiful celebration of a new and fresh and hopeful year to come. Something of a new beginning. I believe that as the warmer months get closer, we will slowly begin to incorporate more gentle and dominant colors that will be mixed into these beautiful neutral shades.

Above and below you will find beautiful examples of what I think are lovely ways of using neutrals this year.
I chose these images from EmmasBlog because they were wonderful examples of real decorating for the common folks. Simple decorating that has not been overly styled and created for perfect images that go into national decorating magazines. The simplicity of the images showcase that you can have style and comfort at any price range. Too me all of these images represent a luxurious lifestyle but not in the traditional stuffy decor that you usually think of when the word luxury is attached. I hope you will enjoy and find ways in 2009 to bring a sense of comfort and style into your home.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Coming Feb. 2009......A little early winter eye candy. Other than luxurious throws, my other favorite home decor item are beautiful throw pillows. While they are not so much a useful item such as throws, when they are made of fine textiles and elegant timeless designs they add an amazing touch to beautiful home setting. The line says pure luxury without being over the top and would fit in any casual home setting. We hope to have the line in by early Feb.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Years.
.....A special thank you to all my old and new customers that allowed us to have an amazing year. We look foward to a new and exciting year. I wish you all the best in this coming year.