Friday, July 23, 2010

SWANKY HOTELS...Featured on Apt. Therapy Today.
I say yes to Swanky! Especially when the hotel is eco-friendly and full of luxurious bedding and towels and with a very clean and fresh bathroom. Look at this property
with this amazing outdoor patio right outside of the bedroom.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FRESH LIME AND LEMON W/GINGER JUICE.......The French are not quite ready to say bye bye to Summer.

Recettes de cuisine
Jus de citron au gingembre

These Handmade Jams are made using seasonal fruit from local farmers. They visit the farmers markets every week and know the family farmers who grow the fruit for their jams. Many times,they work with their "favorite farmers" because they grow the best fruits they have ever tasted! They believe in supporting these local and family farms that provide the food for our table each week.

Some of the amazing flavors are:

Peach Lavender
Grapefruit Mint
Blood Orange
Strawberry Lemon Basil
and more....

Great French Inspired Textiles for Summer/Fall Decorating

More Fair-Trade....From Africa....Coming Fall 2010

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Beautiful New Art for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning shades of so many blues

New Fall Designs From Israel....I love independent designers.

Look What We Found!!....Oh how I LOVE Eco-Friendly Products.

A silk necktie twines around opulent faux pearls to form this elegant necklace.

The graceful, eco-friendly necklace is made from a vintage silk necktie and vintage 50s era faux pearls from Japan.

The silk tie weaves a nuance of mystery into the classic sophistication of the pearl necklace. The Lady Industrialist is romantic yet fiercely independent.

The graceful faux pearls are elegantly graduated from small (10mm) to large (20mm). The necklace is approximately 49" long, with 17" of beaded length and two 16" ties. It ties at the nape of the neck in a wispy bow. Retying adjusts the length from medium to long to fit a different neckline.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

You make me so HAPPY!!

Originally uploaded by botanysdesire
Who on earth doesn't like peonies? Simply beautiful. All natural flowers that have not been sprayed with any garden chemicals.

Natures Wonders...

Originally uploaded by botanysdesire
Basil Strawberry Peach Red Bush Iced Tea/Lemonade

Ok, so my Basil came back to life after the desert heat almost killed it a couple of weeks ago. So since this weekend was so HOT and I had a bunch of strawberries and some new Adagio Teas and one bottle of Vitamin water Zero water left. I decided to make some sun tea.

It was AMAZING!!! Because it was over 100 degrees the sun tea was ready pretty fast and then I put it in the freezer to cool it down pretty fast and then just added my ice and yum yum it was.

Friday, July 02, 2010

BAYOU CLASSICS....Fabulous New Designer for Botany's Desire

A little note from the designer about her line:
Rust. Sweat. Stormy nights. Sweet Tea on the front porch. Whisky out back. House proud.Cypress moss swinging from branches.Old leather. Family secrets. Muddy back roads. Torn linen.Tent revivals. In the deep south,our atmosphere is our destiny. Whether its the heat,water,wind or hurricanes..our unique cultural experience dictates the way in which we live and how our effects survive. It is our reckoning. My work appeals to those who understand the deep South no matter who or where they are.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

lottahelleberg's Profile

More Aug/Fall Preview:

From her website:

Intricate, complex, fragile, resilient, coarse, smooth, bold and delicate – leaves are the true inspiration for all of my creations.

"My name is Lotta Helleberg, and I am a Swedish native and graphic designer with a passionate interest in botany, gardening and sewing, who founded my design studio Inleaf in 2003. My endeavor is truly a labor of love, from the first inspirational idea through the many steps that are attentively completed before the finished product is presented.

Luxurious natural fabrics are washed and dyed with eco friendly fiber reactive dyes, non-toxic paints are blended to just that perfect shade, and the leaves are collected and cleaned. Then comes the printing - the most exhilarating part of the process - where the leaves, compliant and faithful, help me create magical imagery by serving as ever-changing printing plates. After steaming the fabric, to make the paint colorfast, the construction takes part in my studio, where threads and vintage linings are equally carefully considered.

The result is a collection of lovely objects that brings the deceivingly simple beauty of nature into everyday life. Each piece is meant to be used, shared, and cherished. Enjoy!