Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Look What We Found!!....Oh how I LOVE Eco-Friendly Products.

A silk necktie twines around opulent faux pearls to form this elegant necklace.

The graceful, eco-friendly necklace is made from a vintage silk necktie and vintage 50s era faux pearls from Japan.

The silk tie weaves a nuance of mystery into the classic sophistication of the pearl necklace. The Lady Industrialist is romantic yet fiercely independent.

The graceful faux pearls are elegantly graduated from small (10mm) to large (20mm). The necklace is approximately 49" long, with 17" of beaded length and two 16" ties. It ties at the nape of the neck in a wispy bow. Retying adjusts the length from medium to long to fit a different neckline.

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