Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eco Luxury Vodka..... Happy New Years!!! Yes, Eco-friendly vodka for the holidays. Going green while celebrating the new year. I have mentioned several times my preference for Organic wine, but I was so excited to see even more eco-friendly options for holiday cocktails. This product is not available here in Ridgecrest so I will have to pick some up on my next trip to LA in a couple of weeks. I will then give you my review of this product.

Here is some information from the companies website about their product:

Earth-Friendly Distilling Company

360 Vodka is an eco-friendly first, vodka crafted to be environmentally friendly in every aspect possible.

McCormick Distilling’s new division, Earth Friendly Distilling, created 360 Vodka to satisfy an emerging need. The world population has realized that we as a society must change our ways, and consumers are now demanding that any and all products which can be made eco-friendly, should be made eco-friendly.

Along with leaders in other industries, McCormick has taken the first step in this direction with the creation of 360 Vodka. However, distilling one vodka to be eco-friendly is nowhere near enough.

In addition to plans for other environmentally friendly products, McCormick Distilling is taking the following actions towards improving our collective environmental impact:

  • Daily recycling of paper, printer toner and ink cartridges, cardboard, PET strapping material, plastic, shrink-wrap, aluminum cans and glass.
  • Addition of an on-site recycling center.
  • A number of our printers and fax machines have been configured to save paper by printing double sided.
  • Installed CFL bulbs where possible and all computer & small appliances purchased are energy star rated.
  • Eliminated paper towels, polystyrene utensils and beverage cups from our break rooms.
  • Plastic wrapping bags, discarded from received shipments, are reused as trash bags.
  • Any packaging or manufacturing equipment that can be reused or recycled is sent back to the OEM for expressly that purpose.
  • Used oil generated from preventative maintenance is collected and sent to Safety Kleen for refinement and reuse.

We are also investigating other certifications and recognized EPA guidelines that we may be able to implement, further reaffirming our commitment to continuous improvements in meeting and exceeding environmental standards.

At McCormick Distilling Company, we realize the path to widespread eco-friendliness is not a journey completed in one leap. It is done step-by-step and day-by-day. We have accomplished a great deal, but there is still more work to be done and steps to be taken.

And so, we encourage all corporations, organizations and individuals to join us in taking whatever steps we can towards realizing a better, “greener” tomorrow for us all.

Monday, December 29, 2008

More New Years Eve Chocolates!!!.......Coming 2009

Monday, December 15, 2008

Falling in Love with the Welsh!
I have fallen in love with the Welsh. Every time I think I have found the most beautiful textile in the world another beautiful company comes my way. There are so many amazing textiles created all over the world, but for some reason the Welsh had yet to catch my eye. I sort of knew about the really nice warm socks they have been creating for centuries, but modern textile designs from the Welsh was not something I was quite aware of.

"This company has been creating these beautiful, elegant and sophisticated casual designs since the turn of the century. Melin Tregwynt heralds a new spirit in Welsh design with exclusive blankets, throws and cushions, furniture, accessories and clothing that combine authentic Welsh tradition with innovative and modern design. "
A small family owned company first established in 1912 Melin Tregwynt combines the authentic craft tradition of the Welsh doublecloth and the carthenni’, blanket with beautiful colour and innovative modern design. Today over 20 local people work in the company."

With the coldest month of the year ( January) on its way this is what I have been craving. I can just imagine myself on the couch falling asleep with one of their throws wrapped around me. For the most part products must be ordered from their website or from their various stockist in throughout Europe and Asia. I am
thought investigating the possibility of bringing the line to Botany's Desire in 2009. I will keep you updated.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Eco-Friendly and Organic Holiday Wreaths..............
This holiday season think green and purchase your Christmas trees and wreaths from an eco-friendly source in your local community if that is an option for you. Above are some beautiful and unique ones created by Organic Bouquet. I will have one hanging on our boutique door next week and may be able to get a small amount at a good price if you email or call me in advance.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More Sucre on the way!!.........................
Most of our last shipment of Sucre holiday treats are pretty much gone. Don't worry though because some new stuff is set to arrive tomorrow. Chocolate covered almonds with a dust of sugar, Holiday Chocolate Bark with a hint of white chocolate and crushed candy canes and some delicious French fruit candies. Oh how yummy. I know I know I am a complete contradiction, at least my other half tells me so daily. One minute I am telling you to eat your veggies and antioxidantrich fruit with omega 3 eggs and then the next day I am screaming eat delicious confections and your world will be a better place. So sorry, I can't help it. I love my veggies as much as I love my chocolate. Life is about balance right?? Just eat more veggies than you eat chocolate and confections and also make sure you are only eating the really good quality stuff with out all the man made chemicals and preservitives. Ok? enough said.

Monday, December 08, 2008

More Stuff Santa should be putting under my tree......
Come on Santa! I mean shouldn't every woman have at least three of these lovelies? I know I live in the desert and all but I know Ruth Bridgeman would love for me to get these for Christmas. I understand $800 for a sweater is quite a bit......but...... Shucks! I still want one. I mean what do you expect to pay for such fine wool? These were not made with Wal-Mart yarn. This is the real deal. Beautifully crafted in Europe.
Well, a girl can dream right??
Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea and Honey Ginger Yogurt Verrines: The beautiful holiday macaroons are just so lovely. She has done it again. How she does it I just don't know. Can you imagine the look on your holiday guest faces if you make these as a surprise dessert? Please check her blog. You will be able to see the recipes in full. While your there please read some of her other fantastic creations. If you don't have time to make the macaroons your self we will have some for sale at Botany's Desire starting around the 15th. They are freshly made by a wonderful pastry chef in New Orleans and shipped next day air.

Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Books for the Holiday@Botany's Desire.
Our new selection will be in by next Friday and will make wonderful gifts for anyone on your list.
Make sure to reserve a copy for yourself as well. These books will encourage you to take time and really enjoy the holiday with your friends and family.
Tis the season to be green!
Whether it’s an organic Thanksgiving or a festive holiday party, celebrate the season with friends and family by hosting a truly memorable, eco-friendly fete.

Impress guests with thoughtful holiday entertaining that promotes good cheer and good practices. From delicious, healthy holiday dishes and organic spirits, to eco-friendly cookware and natural tabletop accessories, here are a few small steps that can go a long way to ensure festivities with minimal environmental impact and tons of holiday cheer.

Farmer’s Market — Inside your Pantry!
The winter months can be a difficult time to keep your kitchen fully stocked with fresh, organic produce and ingredients. Keeping delicious, healthy organic packaged products on hand allows for quick and easy holiday dish preparation. It is becoming increasingly easy and cost-effective to keep an organic kitchen all year long with products available right on your grocery store shelves.

Del Monte Organic, for example, is a complete line of organic canned veggies including Cut Green Beans, Sweet Peas, Baby Leaf Spinach, Whole Kernel Corn, French Style Green Beans, Sliced Carrots, Diced Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, and Crushed Tomatoes ($.59 to $1.89, available at major grocers nationwide, Like fresh counterparts, Del Monte Organic is preservative free.

And, eating organic doesn’t have to mean the holiday meal has to lose its nostalgic appeal. Simply revamp traditional family recipes with organic options. Try substituting Del Monte Organic French Style Green Beans in the traditional green bean casserole, for example.

“Eating organic foods limits you and your family’s exposure to potentially harmful pesticides, and ensures a smaller environmental footprint. Additionally, organic options often have more antioxidants than conventional foods,” says Laura Molseed, registered dietitian for Del Monte Foods.

Good Holiday Spirits
Top off the holiday cheer with organic wines and spirits. Organic wines are increasing in popularity, and crowd-pleasing choices such as Frog’s Leap, Sinskey, Sincerity, and Bonterra Vineyards are fast becoming some of America’s most renowned organic vino brands (available at

For a delicious non-alcoholic alternative, serve guests warm apple cider made with fresh, organic apples.

What’s Cooking
While it’s important to cook with organic ingredients and foods, it’s also important to consider meal preparation. GreenPan is the first cookware product to utilize Thermolon non-stick coating which is PTFE/PFOA-free, and will perform at high temperatures without deterioration or releasing fumes or toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Additionally, 50 percent less energy is used in the manufacturing of GreenPan’s coating compared to traditional non-stick cookware and is therefore considered “green” in manufacturing (GreenPan Cookware is exclusively available at HSN,

Season’s Greetings
A thoughtful, eco-friendly holiday card serves as the perfect invitation to your gathering. While using recycled paper is a nice sentiment, try using cards or invitations made with paper that will bloom into beautiful flowers to spread an extra dose of holiday cheer. Botanical PaperWorks offers an assortment of elegant holiday cards embedded with wildflower or spruce tree seeds (available at that can be planted outdoors or potted. Guests will surely remember this extra special touch this holiday season.

Natural Beauty
Crisp, tasteful organic cotton table linens can add a subtle touch of natural sophistication. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.

Fresh, organically grown blooms paired with winter branches and pine cones make for beautiful and natural centerpieces. Consider local flowers found at the farmer’s market or purchase beautiful arrangements online. Organic Bouquet ( is the leading retailer of organic flowers. It offers floral arrangements sourced from growers that are committed to the highest social and environmental standards. Each bouquet is hand-selected and shipped fresh from the farm.

Mood Lighting
Conserve energy and dim the lights. Use soy candles or lanterns made of sustainable materials to cast a soft glow to warmly welcome guests to celebrate the holiday season with you.

Please stop by Botany's Desire Boutique for many similiar products to help keep your holiday entertaining natural and beautiful.

source green savy cafe

Friday, December 05, 2008

2008 On it's way OUT!!
Our beautiful new calenders, journals and weekly planners are in and they are beautiful. They are available in a limited amount. So stop in and get yours.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hello all...I think this is something we should all consider and take seriously. I hope you feel the same and decide to slow down once in a while and enjoy just being alive.


Try doing just one thing at a time. Instead of cleaning while on the phone, just pick one and do it for 15 minutes. Set the timer if you need to get some help focusing.

Cook. This might seem like adding more to your list, but there's a whole slow food movementThe Kitchn has some great inspiration and recipes to get you started. that encourages taking the time to make a meal and actually sit and enjoy it (not in front of the TV, but with friends!).

• Start and End your day with a couple minutes of breathing. Focus on breathing in and out and not on whatever your mind might be telling you. You could call this meditation. And you could do it more often if you like it.

• This goes along with doing one thing at a time and is the hardest thing for us: don't open tabs in your browser. Only read one website at a time and don't open 16 more in tabs to read later. Just one at a time (and don't spend all night doing it either!).

• Take a bath.

• Get enough sleep. Try going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier than you normally do for a week and see what that does for you.

• Make the time to call someone you love but don't get to talk to nearly enough. Maybe they live far away or your schedules don't always match, but plan to clear time in your day to just focus on talking and catching up with that person.

• Notice when you're busy. As Tim Ferris suggests, ask yourself if "you're inventing things to do to avoid the important?". That normally helps give us some perspective.

• Go for a walk (and leave the cell phone at home).

• We haven't tried this yet, but we plant to try only checking email at a couple of scheduled times int he day instead of a bajillion times all day long. We're thinking: first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, mid afternoon and in the evening. Even just saying that gives us chills: what if we miss something?

• Don't just do something, sit there. Harder than it sounds. Resist the urge to just keep busy and just sit wherever you are. You can sit until the urge passes, or just for 30 seconds as you notice the how much you want to keep buzzing around getting things done. After all when we go on vacation we have permission to just sit around, that's the beauty of a vacation. Giving yourself permission to do that in regular life can help you to really relax daily. Then you're better refreshed to get the important stuff done.

Information from Apt. Therapy and image from Will Rogers Foundation.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Eco-Friendly Holiday Shopping......Here are some really cool gift ideas for the holiday. What makes me so excited about them is that they are all eco-friendly and will not break the bank and your body and the earth will both benefit from using them. The first is a wonderful selection of organic wines that will go with any hardy holiday dish. The second is a bike that provides some actual mechanical and electrical support while and you diminish your carbon foot print and get some much needed exercise at the same time. The last one is my favorite. I have always loved coconut oil even when some people were making negative commets about true health benefits of it. Coconut is the healthiest oil on the planet. In reference to edible oils, other than my love for olive oil, coconut is the only oil I use daily to keep my skin smooth, supple and wrinkle free. I cook with them both on a regular basis. Make sure to purchase organic coconut oil.

If you would like some great recipes using coconut oil, just send me an email or leave a comment and I will share some with you.
images from