Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More Sucre on the way!!.........................
Most of our last shipment of Sucre holiday treats are pretty much gone. Don't worry though because some new stuff is set to arrive tomorrow. Chocolate covered almonds with a dust of sugar, Holiday Chocolate Bark with a hint of white chocolate and crushed candy canes and some delicious French fruit candies. Oh how yummy. I know I know I am a complete contradiction, at least my other half tells me so daily. One minute I am telling you to eat your veggies and antioxidantrich fruit with omega 3 eggs and then the next day I am screaming eat delicious confections and your world will be a better place. So sorry, I can't help it. I love my veggies as much as I love my chocolate. Life is about balance right?? Just eat more veggies than you eat chocolate and confections and also make sure you are only eating the really good quality stuff with out all the man made chemicals and preservitives. Ok? enough said.

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