Friday, May 21, 2010

My new favorite Design Show...which happens to be in my favorite city in the world!

9 By Design...
Meet husband and wife design team Bob and Cortney Novogratz, owners of the NYC based design firm, Sixx Design, and stars of Bravo's newest docu-series "9 by Design." For more than a decade, this young, hip and artsy couple have developed and designed unique properties in Manhattan, rebuilt entire blocks in the city, and turned funky into fabulous with taste and confidence. In any given week, the duo face daunting construction challenges against rapidly ticking clocks, create sumptuous spaces from wrecks and empty lots, and then decorate the spaces with rare and inspiring collectables. The eight-episode new series premiered on Tuesday, April 13 at 11 p.m. ET/PT and moved to 10 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesday, April 20 on Bravo.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Friday, May 07, 2010

Great Spring Gift for the Garden and/or chocolate lover in your life.....

Chocolate Flower Garden (chocolate drop rudbeckia, chocolate pincushion flower,chocolate cosmidium, chocolate sunflowers) The fascinating and unique flowers within this kit will tempt any chocolate-loving gardener. Candy-scented blossoms mingling with the chocolaty shades make this collection an experience for the nose, as well as the eyes. This kit provides a fun and fat-free way to indulge your chocolate craving. Designed to tantalize visual and olfactory senses, not taste buds, please do not eat. Includes: a recycled steel case . 4 seed varieties . growing instructions . garden stakes
Coppeneur Chocolates are here @Botany's Desire...

Coppeneur has created premium, innovative and award winning chocolate products since 1993.

Recently Coppeneur became the first micro-batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Germany. On their first journey to locate a plantation growing high quality cocoa beans, Georg and Oliver traveled to areas near the Amazon. Their journey eventually led to cocoa plantations in the Los Rios Valley of Ecuador and then finally to the organic certified plantation, Hacienda Iara, which cultivates the rare Nacional Arriba bean.

Other superior quality plantations were discovered including “Tabuna” in Papua New Guinea, "Menavava" in Madagascar (organic), "Uba Budo" in Sao Tome et Principe and "Buena Vista" in Dominican Republic (organic). Coppeneur also creates regional “Single Origin” chocolate made with beans sourced from Trinidad, Jamaica, Grenada, the Java region of Indonesia and the Ocumare Valley of of Venezuela.

Coppeneur also creates limited edition chocolate when very rare exceptional quality harvests of cocoa beans are discovered. In 2008, two sources of rare Porcelana cocoa beans, one from Venezuela and the other from Mexico were found. Only 950 bars from each source were created. On "a-soon-to-be-on-line" chocolate rating web site called the "C-Spot", our Venezuelan Porcelana bar is rated the #1 bar in the world, just slightly ahead of the Italian brand of chocolate that usually earns the #1 spot. Another discovery was made in Peru when a very small harvest of Porcelana beans became available and most recently Coppeneur purchased a single ton of cocoa beans from the famous "Chuao Valley" in Venezuela.

Coppeneur then pushed the boundaries further by becoming an organic cocoa grower. Amid ylang ylang, lychee, mango, black pepper and vanilla, Coppeneur found a wonderfully fertile piece of land shielded by trees on a small hill located on "Nosy Be", a volcanic island off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Organic Criollo and Trinitario seeds from the freshest fruit of the best cocoa plantations in the Sambirano Valley were planted. Our first cocoa crop is expected in 2011.

At regular intervals, Georg and Oliver travel to the cocoa growing regions of the world in search of the best cocoa beans and to visit plantation "Nosy Be" in Madagascar.

Your chocolatiers,

Georg Bernardini and Oliver Coppeneur

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Perfect Mother's Day Gifts....Super Fine and Luxurious