Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eco Luxury Vodka..... Happy New Years!!! Yes, Eco-friendly vodka for the holidays. Going green while celebrating the new year. I have mentioned several times my preference for Organic wine, but I was so excited to see even more eco-friendly options for holiday cocktails. This product is not available here in Ridgecrest so I will have to pick some up on my next trip to LA in a couple of weeks. I will then give you my review of this product.

Here is some information from the companies website about their product:

Earth-Friendly Distilling Company

360 Vodka is an eco-friendly first, vodka crafted to be environmentally friendly in every aspect possible.

McCormick Distilling’s new division, Earth Friendly Distilling, created 360 Vodka to satisfy an emerging need. The world population has realized that we as a society must change our ways, and consumers are now demanding that any and all products which can be made eco-friendly, should be made eco-friendly.

Along with leaders in other industries, McCormick has taken the first step in this direction with the creation of 360 Vodka. However, distilling one vodka to be eco-friendly is nowhere near enough.

In addition to plans for other environmentally friendly products, McCormick Distilling is taking the following actions towards improving our collective environmental impact:

  • Daily recycling of paper, printer toner and ink cartridges, cardboard, PET strapping material, plastic, shrink-wrap, aluminum cans and glass.
  • Addition of an on-site recycling center.
  • A number of our printers and fax machines have been configured to save paper by printing double sided.
  • Installed CFL bulbs where possible and all computer & small appliances purchased are energy star rated.
  • Eliminated paper towels, polystyrene utensils and beverage cups from our break rooms.
  • Plastic wrapping bags, discarded from received shipments, are reused as trash bags.
  • Any packaging or manufacturing equipment that can be reused or recycled is sent back to the OEM for expressly that purpose.
  • Used oil generated from preventative maintenance is collected and sent to Safety Kleen for refinement and reuse.

We are also investigating other certifications and recognized EPA guidelines that we may be able to implement, further reaffirming our commitment to continuous improvements in meeting and exceeding environmental standards.

At McCormick Distilling Company, we realize the path to widespread eco-friendliness is not a journey completed in one leap. It is done step-by-step and day-by-day. We have accomplished a great deal, but there is still more work to be done and steps to be taken.

And so, we encourage all corporations, organizations and individuals to join us in taking whatever steps we can towards realizing a better, “greener” tomorrow for us all.

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