Monday, December 15, 2008

Falling in Love with the Welsh!
I have fallen in love with the Welsh. Every time I think I have found the most beautiful textile in the world another beautiful company comes my way. There are so many amazing textiles created all over the world, but for some reason the Welsh had yet to catch my eye. I sort of knew about the really nice warm socks they have been creating for centuries, but modern textile designs from the Welsh was not something I was quite aware of.

"This company has been creating these beautiful, elegant and sophisticated casual designs since the turn of the century. Melin Tregwynt heralds a new spirit in Welsh design with exclusive blankets, throws and cushions, furniture, accessories and clothing that combine authentic Welsh tradition with innovative and modern design. "
A small family owned company first established in 1912 Melin Tregwynt combines the authentic craft tradition of the Welsh doublecloth and the carthenni’, blanket with beautiful colour and innovative modern design. Today over 20 local people work in the company."

With the coldest month of the year ( January) on its way this is what I have been craving. I can just imagine myself on the couch falling asleep with one of their throws wrapped around me. For the most part products must be ordered from their website or from their various stockist in throughout Europe and Asia. I am
thought investigating the possibility of bringing the line to Botany's Desire in 2009. I will keep you updated.

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