Friday, August 01, 2008

Indigenous Beauty Rituals....Available at Botany's Desire September 2008

If your confused by this posting it is probably because most of you do not know what I was doing before I opened Botany's Desire back in 2003. Before moving to Ridgecrest in 2003 I had spent over 15 years researching, studying and creating herbal health and beauty products using Indigenous herbs, flowers and oils from around the world. I actually had a huge following of customers all over the United States. I was also making custom orders for other boutiques and spas.

When I opened my boutique in Ridgecrest in 2003 I continued to also run my online custom beauty business, but after six months it just became too difficult to manufacture these products and also run a new business. So I decided to shut the online business and direct my energy towards growing my retail boutique. Well a couple of months ago while cleaning out my home office I came across all my old recipe books I had created all my unique formulations in. Just reading the recipes was an intoxicating experience. I can't believe I ever stopped.

I realized how much I have been missing purchasing all those yummie exotic ingredients such as pure organic rose oil straight from Bulgaria, fresh cut tuberose flower petals from Hawaii and pure vanilla beans from Madagascar. I miss all the happy customers I had who used to send me wonderful email telling me how much they just loved getting their packages from me with beautiful and organic perfumes and bath products I had created.

So, I guess at this point you realize that I am probably going to begin making my lovely creations again. I will not offer the hundreds of products I used to though. I will keep it down to about 10 products for now and see how it goes. I will update you when the first product is available. I have already created the new label for the line with the assistance of my dear artist friend Barbara Andolsek of

For updated information on the new launch please leave me your name and email address in the comments section.

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