Monday, August 25, 2008

More Treats for you...Boule in LA

Well, I guest my late night cupcake adventure was not enough
for me so I decided to let you in on one of my LA secrets. What
is so amazing about Boule is that they have such a great variety
of goodies. They even make their own ice cream and sorbet.
But, what caught my attention the first time was not even the
products. It was the beautiful and simple and pretty decor.
They are so worth the 2.5 hour drive from Ridgecrest.

One of the things I do before my husband and I head out to LA
is I do a major online search for pastry shops, bakeries,
farmers markets, New York style pizza shops and of course
tea shops. We are so serious about this we even go as far
entering all our finds into our GPS unit so we can plan out all
of our stops. I also MapQuest every location so I know where
we are going and the distance between each stop.

Sometimes these LA adventures take the whole day. We travel
all over LA and the surrounding communities. We have gone
from downtown LA, to Burbank, to Venice, Culver City, Santa
Monica and Pasadena all in one day. It is always such a treat
and we always are amazed at all the other fabulous places
we find on the way.

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