Monday, August 25, 2008

What I did early this morning? Well I didn't eat these cupcakes
but I did start searching online for one of my favorite
desserts and in doing so I found this wonderful blog :
What I also discovered was that they have a wonderful
Meetup Group in New York. This group has several
cupcake related events year round where people who
make cupcakes, admire them and eat them get together
to enjoy cupcakes and socialize. So pretty much I will be
planning my future trips home based on when these events
are happening. I think I just might
start my own Ridgecrest cupcake club.

Please take a moment and visit their blog. They have some
recipes and also have a huge listing of cupcake shops all over
the country with many throughout California.

1 comment:

Jillian said...

Oh yeah, a cupcake club for the truly dessert devoted would be a fabulous addition to our pastry starved town of Ridgecrest! If not for Juliann and her families' extraordinary baking abilities we would all be dessert deprived,haha.