Friday, August 01, 2008

Oh My God!!! I have found a piece of heaven on earth.
Ok many of you know or maybe not. I love dessert more than anything. I mostly love French desserts (especially those created by the French West Indian countries) because I love the combination of fresh fruits, creams and light and crusty doughs used. Growing up my mother was always making tasty French and creole desserts and drinks mostly on the savory side though.

I actually love to bake unique sweet treats and used to do so on a regular basis years ago while studying natural gourmet cooking back east.

At the moment though I hate my kitchen so I refuse to create any culinary delights. In the mean time I search and seek my desserts when I travel and on oscassions will order desserts online. This beautiful treat pictured above is from the beautiful food blog called Cannelle et Vanille If you are in need of some wonderful baking ideas or just enjoy looking at beautiful photographs of food like I do, do visit when you have a moment.


nadia said...

She is incredible! I come close to eating my screen on several occasions while visiting her site!

Botany's Desire said...

Nadia thank you for visiting my blog. I so agree with you about her blog. I just want to grab all the desserts off the screen and hide in a corner by myself and eat them all.