Thursday, August 14, 2008

Luxurious, Elegant & Simple...
I just love everything about luxurious bedding and linen. To me fine linen is the most important thing to have in my home other than fresh flowers and plants. I am more than willing to give up something else in order to afford the finest linen in my budget. As much time as we spend in bed, I think it is important not to go cheap in the bedroom. Even when I choose a hotel to stay while traveling I always check out the quality of the linen.

Some might think it not affordable to spend lots of money on linen, to me you only need 1-2 quality sets that should last you several years. Fine linen is not something you have to purchase every year. What I do every year is buy one to two pieces of individual items to use to mix and match. This allows me to not have to break my bank, but always have a wonderful selection of bedding to choose from. I also mix and match with different types of material. I use pure silk, belgium linen, bamboo and organic cotton. I also look for individual pieces of vintage and antique bedding to use as decorative accents. This really gives your bedding a very unique and luxurious look. Coming this fall I will be included a very beautiful line of organic bedding to our boutique selection. It will be very affordable so make sure to check back with me or stop by the Botany's Desire after Sept. 20th.

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Tartelette said...

I am so thankfull to my mom for giving me her love for linens. I love when she brings me some heirloom ones while I get more modern print. The closet is happily full!