Saturday, August 09, 2008

Anti-Aging KIWI
Yes, I am serious. I have always been a huge fan of kiwis. I love just about everything about them. Well, not true. I HATE pealing kiwis. You would think mother nature would have made it a bit simpler and not so messy. Now, while I have always known that kiwis were a healthy fruit to consume on a regular basis, the scientific and nutrition research community have found some amazing nutritional information about kiwis, especially when it comes to their anti-aging properties.

Kiwi fruit extract does contain Vitamins C and E, Potassium, Folic Acid, and Chromium. It also contains essential fatty acids, which also makes it a good cosmetic application, improving skin radiance and reducing fine lines and dark circles, according to the KEVL company.
So make sure to these lovely fruits to your grocery list this week.

Here is a quick and easy antioxidant face mask using kiwis:
puree 1/2 kiwi
juice 1/2 lemon
3 Tbs. of plain yogurt
blend well
smooth over clean skin
leave on for 15 minutes
wash face with warm water
pat dry.


Tartelette said...

Great pictures of the kiwis. They are by far one of the most nutritious and vitamin loaded fruits, tons of vitamin C. I was doing research for a friend for a weekend getaway and I found your blog. I will definitely forward the address to her!

Botany's Desire said...

Hi Tartelette,
Thank you for your post. Happy to meet another Kiwi lover. By the way another great way to have kiwi is to make a keylime pie and line slices of fresh kiwis around the top of the keylime pie. Oh how yummy!