Saturday, August 23, 2008


As I sit here I am thinking about my last trip to
Paris over 5 years ago. I am wondering why I
haven't been back in so many years. I suppose
it has to do with owning my shop and not having
much time to travel overseas since moving to

Thinking back to my last trip there I began to think
about what I did while I was there. Well as I remember
it I didn't really do much except eat! I didn't visit any
of the museums, famous dress shops, Eiffel Tower..nothing.
I did though eat lots and lots of baked goods, wonderful Ethiopian
and Indian cuisine.

But what I remember the most is the incredible tea, chocolate and desserts. They are the most memorable.
At the time I had never heard of this most special tearoom. It was by accident that I ran into this most amazing place. It was something out of a dream. It was like walking into the Jimmy Choo of tea and desserts.
It was so beautiful, elegant, clean, colorful in a classy way that only the French could pull off. It was like a museum of beautiful things that should not be touched just admired.

Just so you know this is no ordinary tea shop or bakery or pastry shop. Every detail is taken into consideration. The decor, the packaging, the lighting, the colors and the amount of sunshine that shines through. I even think they pay beautiful people to just sit in there all day long drinking tea and eating their deserts, because even the people look delicious LOL. Well ok maybe it was all that sugar going to my head and flowing through my blood.

So if by chance you find yourself in Paris this fall or winter please make sure to spend some time here.
Do bring lots of cash and an empty stomach.
P.S. I am looking into importing their teas.
pictures are from the Laduree website.

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