Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I am out sick today. In the five years+ since opening Botany's Desire I hardly ever just close down the boutique for a whole day. But today I just don't feel good. Sore throat, headache, and runny nose. I think the up coming election today has stressed me out so much my immune system is out of whack. So, I decided to take a mental and physical day off.

Now, that does not mean I am not hard at work. I have been busy all morning long ordering some fabulous things to sell in the boutique for the holidays. I have also been drinking and eating some of my favorite teas and chocolates and wrapped up in my yummy throws and blankets. These are the best things to have with you on a cold sick day.

P.S. just so you know that is not me in the picture, she obviously is not sick but that is one of the fabulous cashmere throws you get from Botany's Desire.

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Jillian said...

I didn't know you were sick. Poor Sandra, you must have done the glamorous get well quick trick that you taught Bonnie and me, wine soaked fruit MMMMM, I think I feel a cough coming on... I better go have some too, haha!