Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I wish retailers both small and large would spend a little bit of time to promote it in their businesses. This year seemed like it had even gotten worst. By October Christmas was the main theme in too many stores with little evidence that their was another holiday that was still to come. I am not sure what is happening. Do people not like Thanksgiving anymore? Do retailers not see the value is promoting Nesting and Thanksgiving related products? It is just so annoying to see so much cheap crappy looking Christmas decorations and gift items displayed everywhere so early in the holiday season. Well I guess we just reached the point in society where being thankful for what you are getting (Christmas gifts) is so much important than being thankful for what you are able to give (Thanksgiving).

Well, this post is for all of you who like me really appreciate Thanksgiving. Above you will see some simple elegant Holiday Centerpieces that you can display in your home that will truly bring visual joy during the holiday. These images are from Domino Magazine.


Jillian said...

OK, seriously, it's not just me then!! I was so disenchanted by all the ridiculous cheesy Christmas paraphernalia being so heavily promoted before Thanksgiving had even arrived! I really miss you, I've got to come spend some time with you, since we're clones and all, haha!

Botany's Desire said...

Yes, missy I was thinking about you the other day. Jillian and Roscio where both working and we were putting product out and we were eating those French Macaroons....but you were missing.