Thursday, November 20, 2008

Going to Greece 2009!!.....Yes, I am on my way to Greece early next year. I have been thinking about this trip for over a year. There are so many places left for me to visit and so it is always so difficult to choose one country over the other. I am looking forward to this trip for several reasons. As much as I have always wanted to visit Turkey and Bulgaria, I was just not quite ready to visit them while there is so much going on in the world. So Greece seemed not so much a second choice, but as a wonderful alternative. I love pretty much everthing about the culture and its people and just can't wait till the moment arrives when I step off the airplane in Athens.

So you may ask what is up with the luggage. Well, I am stressing out about what kind of luggage to bring. I want something that is easy to identify at the airport, sturdy, flexible, stylish, elegant, light, durable and will look clean for most of the trip. I especially need luggage that is very easy and comfortable to travel with. We will be island hopping for most of the trip after we leave Athens. Traveling mostly by ferry and small planes.

I found these lovelies at Pottery Barn and they are priced ok. But I have yet to commit since I have a while before I actually have to decide. I am hoping though that they might go on sale after the holidays or that my husband may by chance read this blog and surprise me for Christmas.

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Jillian said...

Oh wow! You're going to Greece, how cool! That is going to be so fun, especially if Robert does his part with the Christmas present, heehee. I really do need to come in right away, I'm so out of the loop, geez!