Saturday, July 25, 2009

West Coast Sytle!!!...............
While I pretty much do think my hometown New York is the center of the world when it comes to style and taste. I do have to give props and credit to various other places in the world once in a while. Portland, Oregon has in the last 10 years quickly become one of the premier locations for outstanding fresh and quite talented artist and designers. Kate Towers is someone who deserves much credit for her amazing design work.
Everytime I see her new work I want to just jump on a plane and find her and buy one of everything. Her designs are the ultimate grown up dress up. I really wish I had somewhere fabulous to where her line. But living in the desert doesn't offer much of an opportunity to dress this beautifully. Oh well maybe one day soon.................
Information on Kate Towers:
Self taught through experimentation, an artist's vision, and hands on execution, Kate Towers creates non-seasonal, one of a kind pieces. Kate often plays with contrasting themes and borrows inspiration from nature and romance. Piece by piece, everything is produced by hand in her Portland studio.

From it's conception in 2000 until spring of 2008, Kate was founder and co-owner of Seaplane, a renowned specialty shop in Portland, featuring local designers and an intriguing collection of hand-made clothing. It is here where Kate developed her own line and helped to inspire the fashion scene that is now Portland.

This site is a reflection of Kate's aesthetic and a portfolio of her past and current work. Before re-locating to Portland, OR in 1998, Kate studied illustration, graphic design, and fine arts at the New England School of Art and Design in Boston.

Kate currently sells her designs at Seaplane in Portland, OR and on

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