Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beach Garden in a Pot.
Well since I am stuck in the desert for now I will have to create my own lush beach experience at home. This is on my list of projects for the weekend.
Create a coastal feeling anywhere with a miniature sandy scene. Here's our simple

Rob D. Brodman

Build a beach
Savor living by the sea ... in a corner of your backyard
If you yearn for the beach but live miles inland, you can re-create the look easily in a pot.

What you’ll need:
Low, wide pot or bowl, approximately 14 inches in diameter
Potting soil
Three small, slow-growing plants in 4-inch nursery pots
Horticultural-grade washed sand (a 1-qt. bag is enough for a 14-inch pot)
Small pieces of driftwood or other found objects
Step 1: Partially fill bowl with potting soil.
Step 2: Set the plants (still in their nursery containers) atop the soil, adjusting their position as needed until you’re happy with the arrangement.
Step 3: Knock the plants out of their pots, gently tease apart any coiled roots, and plant; fill in around them with more potting soil up to within an inch or two of the pot rim. Tamp the soil to firm it; water to thoroughly moisten.
Step 4: Carefully pour a mulch of washed sand atop the soil. Finish with a piece of driftwood or other beachy treasures.
Step 5: Set the pot on a sunny patio (light afternoon shade in hot inland areas). Irrigate once a week or so using a gentle stream of water from the hose or a watering can with a narrow spout.
Gardening at the beach:
Nine seaside stars
Kathleen N. Brenzel

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