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De La Cour Ranch.....Amazing mountain retreat that is simple and peaceful.
I rarely talk about any of the amazing things there are to see and do surrounding the little desert town where Iam living at the moment. I suppose it is because I still think my hometown New York is the most amazing place on earth. But
once in a while I like to share some of the really cool and interesting parts of this area.
"DeLaCour Ranch is located nine easy miles west of Lone Pine, CA, off Highway 395, at the foot of the mighty Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. We are one hour south of Bishop, four hours west of Las Vegas, three hours north of LA, and only an hour from Death Valley. We are five miles from the world famous Alabama Hills. Thirteen miles up Horseshoe Meadow Road are the trailheads for Army and Cottonwood passes and the Pacific Crest Trail. A quick twelve miles drive north is Whitney Portal, gateway to Mt. Whitney. Just off our land are miles of high desert trails and spectacular views. Within a few minutes in any direction, are trout fishing streams and lakes of all levels.

Set in a gorgeous canyon on Carroll Creek, DeLaCour Ranch is a small pocket of private land surrounded by open space. With BLM land to the east, and Forest Service land every other direction, the cabins are nestled amongst giant cedar, elm and locust trees, and steep canyon walls. At 5,500 feet elevation, the cabin area overlooks the Owens Valley and Inyo Mountains to the east, and to the west, the vertical granite of the Sierra Crest. DeLaCour Ranch is far removed, private and peaceful, yet only nine easy (paved and straight) miles from town.
Carroll Creek, and what we call DelaCour Ranch, has a long history. In the e
early 1860's, a pack station was established by early Owens Valley settlers. The pack station brought outdoor enthusiasts into the high country via the Hockett Trail.
From Carroll Creek, mules carried goods and people up into the Cottonwood Lakes area, home of the Golden Trout, and over any of several passes (Army Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Mulkey Pass) and connected with what is now known as the Pacific Crest Trail. Under several different ownerships, the Carroll Creek pack station operated for over 100 years. In the early 1970's, Horseshoe Meadow Road was extended to the top of the mountain, which is where Cottonwood Pack Station now operates.In 1998, we purchased this unique property and named it DeLaCour Ranch, after Alfred W. "De La Cour" Carroll, a nick name he earned locally on account of his "royal blood." Alfred Carroll, for which Carroll Creek is named, spent time at the pack station around the turn of the century, and was a founding member of the Sierra Club. He played a pivotal role in the Eastern Sierra packing industry. He brought parties from across the nation into the Eastern Sierra back country, and employed hundreds of local packers in the process.
In honor of the Pack Station history, we restored the one remaining cabin, and added tent cabins, screened gazebos, and a bathhouse. With the rustic character of the original pack station in mind, we plan to construct additional horse camping facilities. All site improvements designed and built by CRJ Construction. The most amazing aspect of this property is the water. Flowing straight from the mountain, the spring-fed Carroll Creek offers clean, cold, liquid gold. The creek provides electricity for the main ranch through a small hydro system. With gravity fed irrigation, the creek grows pasture for stock, organic lavender, fruits and vegetables, and keeps the canyon rich in growth and wildlife. There is no doubt that the early settlers of the 1860's saw an amazing spot here--a strong year round creek, and a sheltered canyon with fertile soil.

Come see and enjoy our little haven. "
text and images from De La Cour Ranch

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