Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Products Coming @Botany's Desire
It's about the Tea Cookie........

Here is what Sondra from Botanical Bakeries has to say about her products....
"Ingredients matter. Our gourmet tea cookies are simple. They have but three basic ingredients: flour, butter and sugar. It is our belief that great tea cookies start with great ingredients.That is why we handcraft our tea cookies with all natural organic ingredients. Our flour is unbleached and made from a premium blend of organic hard red wheat. Our butter is European Style Organic Sweet Cream Butter with over 85% butterfat, made in a 1950's small batch butter churn. Our sugar is organic pure cane sugar - no beet sugar here.In choosing our ingredient partners, we seek companies with an artisan approach, each striving to create the purest products possible.We also believe that you appreciate unique flavors and have an adventurous and educated palate. That is why we carefully select the most aromatic culinary herbs and spices.
We use the actual herb or spice, not a tincture or flavoring. The actual leaves, flowers, stems or seeds are incorporated into our dough using our proprietary method.Designed with intention.Our cookies are handmade -- each one hand rolled, hand cut, and hand packaged. Great thought went into the shape of the tea cookie. We tried to imagine you enjoying our tea cookies in a quite moment pouring over a great novel, sitting around a table catching up with a good friend, or perhaps even with afternoon tea. We wanted a shape that sits beautifully on a plate or can snuggle up to a cup of tea or coffee on a saucer. It is meant to be narrow enough to fit into ones mouth and a bitten into delicately with enough to enjoy three our four bites per cookie.We've kept our packaging plain and simple. Uncluttered. Just beautiful photograhpy of the herb or spice. With a tiny raffia bow as embellishment. No extra stickers, ribbons, tissue, cardboard.

Again, it's about the tea cookie.Is it You or the Tea Cookie?We hope our Tea Cookies help call to mind a calm, in-the-moment lifestyle. Our tea cookies compliment tea of course, but we wanted to also invoke the slower, present, not-to-be-rushed moment we are all craving today. One that is reminiscent of the art of making and sitting down to a cup of tea.

Authentic. Distinctive. Unapologetic. Is it you... or the tea cookie?So, because you believe in abundance, because you have a grateful heart, because you know who you are. We have made our tea cookies for you. Enjoy. "

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HeddyShea said...

Hi friend. The treats look yummy! But, more importantly just wanted to say hello!