Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thought I would share a WONDERFUL new magazine.....

Seeing the Everyday’
creates a new magazine that removes the tips, recipes, and advertisements for a unique reader experience.

(PRNewsChannel) / Cambridge, Mass. / A new magazine provides a refreshing perspective to parenting and families. The typical parenting tips or the newest recipes are not to be found. Instead, Seeing the Everyday is filled with real stories of readers’ experiences in their own families—ordinary moments with parents that made meaningful and lasting impacts.

When looking through Seeing the Everyday, readers might first notice that the advertisements are missing. There are none. Instead, every page contains beautiful images and illustrations that capture the essence of the everyday.

Above all, Seeing the Everyday distinguishes itself by its content. “These are true, personal stories,” explains founder Daryl Smith, “But the key is that they are stories of unremarkable, everyday moments that mattered. The stories help each of us better understand what modern social scientists are discovering—that the seemingly small moments and interactions are the most influential in building and strengthening our relationships with one another. The principles found in Seeing the Everyday are critical for successful parenting.”

Seeing the Everyday thus allows its readers to learn about parenting the same way people have always learned from reading stories and poems: based on their own experiences and situations. “We all find something to glean from Seeing the Everyday,” says Smith, “because we find ordinary people doing ordinary things…and making big differences for others.”

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