Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Soul City.....Amsterdam in the Spring
It was confirmed a couple of days ago via Face Book that Amsterdam is my Soul-City. I think I always knew this. I love Amsterdam. I mean really love this place. Years ago I would have done anything to stay there forever. My only complaint was the amount of rain (mostly drizzle) during the month of November several years ago. The international souls that live there are just amazing. I met so many people from all over the world. I became friends with Africans, Germans, Italians and met many Americans that were visiting or working for various International corporations. The nightlife was great with people from all walks of life getting their groove on like there wasn't a care in the world. It was like being in a calmer, more spiritual and lest hectic version of my other Soul-City (New York). The food was amazing, the people really friendly, and the architecture was just out of this world. What I loved the most was the easy going atmosphere and rich history. Everyone just enjoyed everything about life. I love the fact that they love to ride their bikes and they love love love their flowers. The city parks were out of this world. Amsterdam has so many interesting things to see and experience. The people seemed so healthy and fit and you could tell they enjoyed many culinary delights. I hope to one day visit again with my family.

Now, while Amsterdam may be known for some other colorful attributes to which I am not going to mention here. I have to say even those things were quite interesting to see how such a beautiful and wholesome city can prosper with it's two faces. So, for anyone seeking somewhere to vacation this coming year. I highly suggest that you consider This great city. My suggestion if you have time is to rent a car and drive from Paris through Belgium and make your way into Amsterdam. I guarantee you will have an incredible experience.

Bon Voyage!!!

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