Sunday, April 05, 2009

Women's Crown Collection
I have to admit I am not good at sharing....well with some things that is. But sometimes I just can't stand to keep some of my secrets. I am not one of those women that has hundreds of pairs of shoes. Reason being, I like very few shoe colors or styles. I rather have about six really good quality shoes that I wear down and then get rid of and then start all over again. Yeah, I know this is not so eco-friendly but I never said I was perfect.
I pretty much don't see the sense of collecting shoes like pieces of art work. Now, I might not feel the same if I could afford some Jimmy Choos or Kate Spades. I am a total minimilist when it comes to my personal belongings. You are probably shocked to read this if you have shopped in my boutique.

About Born Shoes....
Natural sophistication. Handcrafted style. Beautifully Børn.
For more than a decade, Børn has been redefining casual footwear for discerning women and men. "Our combination of handcrafted styles, premium leathers and fine details have attracted an intensely loyal following." Born Shoes can be purchased on their website or at a variety of stores like Macy's.
So do your part this week to stimulate the economy and go buy about two or three pairs and then remember
to stop by Botany's Desire and pick up some other fun stuff.

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