Friday, April 03, 2009

Sunday Kinda Love........Ok, I am talking about the love of Brunch folks.
Light drinks with fruity flavors make great additions to any brunch. Choosing a cocktail that matches the type of food being served is key to the mid-morning meal. A Screwdriver or Melon Patch are wonderful matches for a fresh fruit brunch while a Bloody Mary works well with heartier foods.

Now I am not talking about your typical artificial tasting cocktail. I want you to use your imagination and skills in the kitchen and use all natural ingredients and be a bit creative and
add some fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables, spices and herbal teas
. I want you to WOW your family and guest with yummy spring and summer drinks. Also, remember you can also make these virgin without the alcohol.

Don't be afraid to be creative and add your own spin to it. Make sure to serve your Sunday brunch with a variety of easy to eat foods that are both sweet and savory. Don't forget the bouquet of fresh flowers or plants to set the mood and bring out all your pretty bowls, glasses, pitchers and vases to give it a special feel. If your looking for some unique ideas please stop by the boutique on Saturday. We still have some of our fabulous Rose nectar drink from Bulgaria and some Organic sparkling Peach and Apple juices.

Have a Happy Weekend!!

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