Friday, February 20, 2009

Inspired to Ride.....
Well I have got the cycling bug really really bad. Before this last year the last time I was on a bike was the summer of 1987 my freshman year at college. I thought it would be a great idea to purchase a bike to use
to ride from my off campus apartment to and from school. Well, that lasted a whole two days.

Riding a bike in hilly Tallahassee Florida on Florida State Universities HUGE campus was crazy!!! I thought I was going to pass out from the heat and humidity and riding up those hills was killing me. So pretty much after the
second day I parked my bike on the back balcony of my apartment and there it stayed for the next 4 years
until I graduated.

Well, last summer while in New York on a buying trip, Jillian and I decided to rent bikes and do a three hour
cycling tour of Central Park and Manhattan. It was amazing. I was in heaven and for the first time remembered why I loved to ride when I was younger. I felt like a new woman. But, when I got back to Ridgecrest I didn't have a bike to ride and was reluctant to invest in one without knowing if I would really pursue this new found love or if it was a just in the moment kind of thing.

As the months went by I really started to crave a ride and started looking online and at local shops but I still did not commit. Jan 2009 came around and I DID IT!!! I fell in love with a bike and took it home with me
that day. Since then I have been out several times riding mostly early Sunday mornings. My plan is to ride as much as possible for leisure fun and exercise and then eventually ride to my shop at least twice a week.
So, tomorrow I am riding to work.

Fashion and Cycling......A Must!
I have a problem though. This may sound insane to some of you, but I want to be cute too when I ride. I mean I am not planning on wearing my high heals and all, and I will wear a helmet for safety reasons. Hey, I still want to be cute ok?? I remember years ago while in Amsterdam and Belgium so many women were riding their bikes. They were so cute, fit and dressed so sweet. There must be a way to balance this all out. Don't you think?
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