Friday, February 27, 2009

Long hooded robe....New edition to line!!! feels just as luxurious as it looks.
Night shirt
Luxurious Pj's
Short robe
Dreams do come true & Miracles Happen if your patient........
Well if you are one of my customers from back in 2004 you will agree with me. These pajamas are the most
fabulous ever. The first time back in 2004 when I began selling these in the shop I could not keep these in the shop. They sold like crazy. The reason is, they are the most comfortable, sexy, sophisticated and modern but understated and luxurious pjs ever. Best of all they are very affordable but not cheap though. When they went out of business two years ago I was devastated. I thought my life as a retailer would never be the same. In my mind nothing could ever replace them. At the time I owned two of the pj sets and would not sleep in anything else. I even cought myself once or twice running out to take care of errands in my pjs and not even realizing it. So when months went by and the truth set in, I decided I had to move on and find another line to replace them. But like the need to find a lost lover, I continued to search for them online and ask for them at every tradeshow I attended during those years. Well the other day, I was searching for something else their name appeared on a fashion website and I just screamed with delight. I quickly did some researching at 2am and found a contact number for them. I didn't sleep at all that night and as soon as I thought it was a good a time to call, I called and found the company that was representing them.

Well, they will be back at Botany's Desire ASAP. I will post information once they actually arrive sometime in March. The colors are beautiful and calming and the soft cotton texture is amazing. They have unveiled a new line of sleepwear/loungewear with many new designs to come. Prices range from $76-$123.

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