Saturday, August 01, 2009

My color inspiration from Interior Stylist Lucyina Moodie of the UK. Also featured yesterday by Holly on Decor8. Check out for more inspirational styling and colors.
I have been real busy all weekend re-styling the inside of my house. While I still love pretty shades of calm greens. I have fallen in deep love with with everything grey. I have always had tons of pewter, white and silver through out the house, but now adding grey to the mix just makes it perfect for me and my lifestyle. I love the cooling, relaxed and natural luxurious feel these colors create when blended together. Of course I am adding hints of other colors so the look won't seem so boring, but I am mostly using textures and patterns to give the look a more designed and interesting feel. It may take up to a year to complete the look I am going for because I am not one to just run out to Pottery Barn and purchase everything. I am not into pre-set looks. I want my own personality to evolve.


Relics said...

Your blog is so beautiful. Simply beautiful.


Botany's Desire said...

Hi Relics, thank you for visiting. Glad you enjoyed our blog.