Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NEW SPRING 2011...Something to look forward to Next Month @Botany's Desire.

candle size: 10oz, 283.5g / approx. burn time: 60 hours

Note from the Designer:
foundry materialized from my love of industrial warehouses, design, and objet', vintage motorcycles and the men who ride them. i admire history and craftsmanship in old buildings + things, how they were made and how they work. the collection reflects heavyweight found objects, completely handmade and re purposed in recycled glassware with vintage motorcycle racing numbers. the thick recycled chip board box includes a copper grommet and leather pull. the fragrances have a darker more masculine edge and many are made using only ancient blends of pure essential oils. the collection evokes the old world feeling of hand crafted hard labor, love and passion, love and light.

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