Friday, January 22, 2010

I just fell in LOVE with this modern home. I can only imagine what I could do with the inside. I would add so many of my favorite cozy stuff. Lots of warm and soft blankets and throws, house filled with clean beeswax candles and lots of cups of dark hot drinking chocolate.

Elegant Modern House Clean Lines Architecture
by archinspire
"This modern house is really charming, elegant and has unique outdoors architecture style. Clean lines house design with durable materials for house construction are exciting features of this house. Not only those, structural insulated panel system was utilized for the roof and exterior walls, decreasing construction time and resulting in significant energy savings and outside noise reduction, make this house more perfect. The durable materials of this elegant minimalist house are concrete, corrugated copper, glue-laminated timber, chain link fencing and ipe decking. There is height level roof with banded glass just right under the roof, giving more natural light of this enjoyable house. Designed by El Dorado Architects."

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