Monday, October 20, 2008

NEW PRODUCTS......... Chic, Eco-Friendly and Fabulous!!
Botany's Desire has some incredible new products for fall and holiday shopping. Our newest line of couture pillows are from a wonderful new French designer. All these pillows are custom made with the best fabrics and the most unique designs that are full of texture and style.

Our new candles are made from another wonderful company that compliments our eco-friendly boutique. These candles and lanterns are made with all natural waxes and scents. The bamboo line is made with pure bamboo.

"From there hand-made beginning in Thailand in 2006, They has been committed to creating and delivering the finest organic candles in earth-friendly and people-friendly forms. They use only natural biodegradable packaging, the only appropriate delivery method for our earth-friendly candles. They strive to deliver sublime, sustainable, and luxurious natural beauty." Their products are hand-made and assembled using proprietary natural processes to ensure the highest quality while also helping provide jobs and income in areas with little economic opportunity.

These are a must have for holiday entertaining and decorating. Both new lines will be in by this Friday.

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