Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well the last couple of days have been a bit hectic and I was not feeling my usual happy go lucky self. So I went to my supply of essential oils and decided to create an aromatherapy blend for myself. I have to say that before I even completed the blend and put it in its cute little blue bottle I was feeling much better. This beautiful aromatic blend of floral, citrus and herbs is simply delightful! Another great idea to use this blend is to melt a bit of shea butter with some cocoa butter and melt a piece of plain very dark chocolate add essential oil blend and then put blend in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. This makes a yummy antioxidant rich summer body butter.

Here is the blend I created:

Rose Geranium
Pink Grapefruit
Rose absolute
French Lavender
Sweet Orange or Lemon (optional)

This is an amazing feminine blend that seems to effect the whole body and stimulate my brain activity at the same time. I only made a very small batch for myself but if you would like to special order for yourself or as a wonderful gift for Mother's Day please let me know.
The cost for a 15ml bottle is $20. I use only the finest essential oils, mostly organic.

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